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Peter Checkland and John Poulter – Learning For Action

The approach to tackling messy real-life situations known as Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) was developed in a 30-year programme of action research led by Peter Checkland.

The approach is now used and taught around the world, and its development has been described in depth in four books published between 1981 and 1999, which are now regarded as classics in the field.

In their book Learning For Action: A Short Definitive Account of Soft Systems Methodology, and its use for Practitioners, Teachers and Students, Peter Checkland and John Poulter present a concise, crystal-clear and definitive account of SSM written for anyone who wishes to use, teach, or learn about it. This account also corrects the misunderstandings about the SSM approach, which plague its secondary literature.

More information is available here.

“Our aim is a very simple one: to provide an account of Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) that is short, definitive and will enable anyone interested to learn about it, to teach it, or to start using it in real situations. “

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