Co-designing With Us

We’ve been working with First Nations and regional communities in Victoria since 2021. Here are some of the stories about their initiatives and how we’ve supported them.

Barengi Gadjin Land Council

Barengi Gadjin Land Council is seeking opportunities arising from the transition to renewable energy that meet the needs of Wotjobaluk Nations citizens and their corporation. Mycelia is working alongside BGLC staff and board to co-design a renewable energy roadmap that will deliver real value for Wotjobaluk Nations.


Venus Bay and Tarwin Lower

Venus Bay and Tarwin Lower communities, supported by Mycelia and other partners, are co-designing a whole of community energy system to solve the impacts they experience during outages and natural emergencies.

A fragile coastal township, one road in and out, high fire danger, a wild and dangerous beach, dependence on septic and pumps for water, seasonal boom and bust economy with aging infrastructure that sees regular power outages – we know the problems. The Venus Bay Community Centre started working on a solution – we created a pilot microgrid at the Centre that allowed access to water, cooking, comfort and information.

With that under our belt we sought community-wide solutions – how could we address community resilience and reliable energy outcomes for our community of Venus Bay & Tarwin Lower?

We had an idea – but we needed help. We sought the expertise of Myclelia Renewables, along with other project partners Changing Weather and Federation University, to design and develop a robust feasibility study as the first critical step towards addressing these issues.

A leader in system-change design thinking, iterative co-design principles along with a collaborative partnership approach, Mycelia Renewables has seen the Venus Bay Community Resilience and Reliable Energy Feasibility Study emerge and flourish – from initial concept planning, project design, funding applications to implementation.

With deep industry knowledge, extensive key partner networks and a willingness to partner with us to create a community led and designed solution, Mycelia has provided extensive project support, produced enduring artifacts and collateral that will help lead other small communities to a self-determined sustainable renewable energy future.

Without the guidance, generosity, and expertise of Mycelia Renewables, we would still be in the idea phase – the team at Mycelia have enabled our small communities to imagine what our future could be – and to help make that a reality.

It continues to be a pleasure working with the team at Mycelia – we look forward to future collaborations and partnerships.”

~ Alyson Skinner, General Manager, Venus Bay Community Centre

Taungurung Land and
Waters Council

Mycelia’s work with Taungurung Land and Waters Council includes facilitating system co-design for de-colonising water and environmental governance and restoring Cultural governance and management to regenerate and care for Country.


“Mycelia are supporting a collaborative research and development process with Taungurung knowledge holders and staff in water governance and providing critical advice to Taungurung using an adapted Indigenist research methodology. This methodology provides suitable learning environments with Taungurung Traditional Owners to bring together and value equally bio-cultural and western ecological science, their respective management paradigms and data.​

Mycelia are bringing a long-term perspective into their relationship with Taungurung, as Taungurung is with Mycelia, to allow time and consideration of the importance of relationships and of creating the space for Indigenous led reflection and decision making. ”

~ Taungurung Land and Waters Council


Spiegel Energy

Spiegel Energy is working to install a solar, battery and pyrolysis bioenergy cell at Radial Timbers on Yarram. The bioenergy cell will help power the Mill, supply heat for kiln drying and produce bio-products suited to a circular economy – wood vinegar, biochar and graphene – all products that are regenerative in nature.

Mycelia’s work with Spiegel includes co-facilitating research and development of these bioproducts through a product stewardship lens, to ensure supply chains are regenerative, not extractive, and the economics are circular, not linear. Spiegel, Radial Timbers and Mycelia are dedicated to sustainable development for Yarram and Districts, ensuring social, cultural, environmental and economic benefits are shared by all.

Speigel Energy appreciates the generous time and assistance from Mycelia in working with renewable energy projects in Yarram, including starting the Yarram Renewable Energy Park at the Radial Timber mill. With the assistance of Mycelia, the Yarram Renewable Energy Park was able to progress from a concept through to an ‘on the ground’ project which probably wouldn’t have happened without their expert assistance.

Moragh has worked collaboratively with individual team members on different aspects of the project and her insights and expertise have greatly assisted us in bringing the first stage of the project into fruition.

~ Spiegel Energy