Enabling regional communities
to lead change

We see a future where all communities are benefitting from regenerative economies and vibrant ecologies.

At Mycelia, we support this transition by empowering regional communities to learn and work together, co-designing solutions to lead change and take action.

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We Are Mycelia

Mycelia are the organisms that sit under the soil and enable the community of plants above to thrive. It’s the perfect metaphor for how we work – bringing systems thinking and strategic design to co-create the right conditions where initiatives can flourish.


Our work focusses on the areas of cultural and environmental governance and renewable energy within the emerging regenerative economy. We co-design solutions with, not for, First Nations, regional communities and businesses, breaking down barriers to enable local action.

At Mycelia, we are experts in systemic inquiry, collaborative design, partnership brokering and innovative deployment of capital. We are change makers and part of the growing movement of individuals, communities and organisations laying the path for sustainable transformation and a fairer world.

How We Work

Our Values

As a values-driven organisation, we seek to collaborate with other individuals and organisations who share and appreciate our values. We welcome opportunities to explore how our values might fit with yours.

Our planet is precious.

We are fiercely determined to see change in our lifetime.

Our approach is fundamentally shaped by First Nations’ sovereignty and self-determination.

We respectfully engage with diverse knowledges.

We are passionate about collaboration.

Making space for emergence.

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Our Initiatives

Mycelia is currently leading two main initiatives that are enabling us to co-design innovative ways of sharing renewable energy and broader community benefits.


Mycelia Energy

Everyone has the right to be changemakers and part of the transition to a regenerative future. The time for change is now.

Affordable, renewable energy ought to be accessible to everyone. Mycelia Energy Collective in partnership with The People’s Grid makes that happen by enabling households and businesses with and without solar and batteries to share renewable energy through our virtual energy grid.

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Community-Centred Benefit Sharing

The transition to renewable energy brings enormous benefits, including skills and job creation, investment, education and tourism, local procurement, and neighbourhood improvements.

To ensure these benefits are distributed equitably, our Community-Centred Benefit Sharing model puts communities at the centre of designing and decision-making. Transformation is possible when empowered communities lead change.

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Co-designing With Us

We’ve been working with First Nations and regional communities in Victoria since 2021. Here are some of the stories about their initiatives and how we’ve supported them.

Barengi Gadjin Land Council

Barengi Gadjin Land Council is seeking opportunities arising from the transition to renewable energy that meet the needs of Wotjobaluk Nations citizens and their corporation.

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Venus Bay and Tarwin Lower

Venus Bay and Tarwin Lower communities, supported by Mycelia and other partners, are co-designing a whole of community energy system to solve the impacts they experience during outages and natural emergencies.

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Spiegel Energy

Spiegel Energy is working to install a solar, battery and pyrolysis bioenergy cell at Radial Timbers on Yarram.

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Taungurung Land and Waters Council

Facilitating system co-design for de-colonising water and environmental governance and restoring Cultural governance.

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The Greater Good

Mycelia was created to make a difference. We are change makers and part of the growing movement of individuals, communities and organisations taking action for sustainable transformation and a fairer world. We are measuring our impact, sharing our inspiration and encouraging people to join us.

Impact Measures

We bring knowledge, expertise, time and resources to address challenges and support our partners to achieve change. Our logic model demonstrates how we approach and measure the value and impact of the work we do.

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Knowledge Sharing

We love learning and sharing, and are always on the lookout for inspiring new ways to approach how we work.

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How to Partner

Co-designing is our thing. If you have an initiative and think we could help, please reach out! If you are a like-minded organisation and think we could do good things together, we’d love to hear from you.

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How to Donate

We are a registered charity that does a lot of low and pro-bono work on behalf of our client-partners. The more supporters we have, the greater good we can deliver. If you like what we do, and wish to support us to do more, then follow this link to our donations page. Donations over $2 are tax-deductable through our partnership with the Foundation for Rural &Regional Renewal (FRRR).

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