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Everyone has the right to be changemakers and part of the transition to a regenerative future. The time for change is now.


Affordable, renewable energy ought to be accessible to everyone. Mycelia Energy Collective in partnership with The People’s Grid makes that happen by enabling households and businesses with and without solar and batteries to share renewable energy through our virtual energy grid.

If you are a household and wish to sign up to the Mycelia Energy Collective, visit our page on The People’s Grid, type in your address and get a free quote on what your new energy plan will look like. From there, it takes 5 minutes to sign up. Easy!

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Our Model

Mycelia Renewables Ltd is a registered charity, and we’ve teamed up with The People’s Grid, a renewable energy sharing platform, to create a community energy model with equitable inclusion and benefit sharing at its core.

The Mycelia Energy Collective is a community of households and businesses working together and leading the transition to a true regenerative economy.

Our Collective

Includes households and businesses with solar and batteries, some with only solar, and others without either.

Offers fair and competitive pricing to members.

Offers above-market feed-in rates for excessive solar energy produced by those with panel systems.

Matches production and consumption within the Collective to monitor use and set real targets.

Provides a vehicle for a community-centred benefit sharing scheme.

Makes locally produced renewable energy accessible to everyone!

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Our point of difference – access and equity

Many people can’t afford solar panels or batteries, some people rent and others are low-income earners.

The Collective offers equity and accessibility to all community members by providing an opportunity to purchase locally produced renewable energy while supporting other local renewable initiatives.

Nobody should have to pay a premium to choose ‘green’ energy.


We direct profits back into communities

When you sign up the Mycelia Energy Collective, you will commit to donating $1 per week to the community-centred benefit sharing fund.

These funds will be channelled directly into energy efficiency initiatives, affordable energy for those most in need and more renewable energy installs across the Collective, bringing well-being, money and power back to the people!

the mycelia energy collective pilot 2023

The Mycelia Energy Collective is up and running!

Currently in its pilot phase, we are seeking a combination of 100 households with solar, solar and batteries, and without either of these to share locally produced, renewable energy.

Over the course of 2023, we will identify how to best generate and share our energy.

We’ll ask ourselves:

Do we need more people with solar panels generating energy?

Do we need more households without panels to soak up the energy we are producing?

How can we, as a collective, increase the uptake of renewable energy in our communities?

Local businesses leading the way

We are proud to be partnering with the Archies Creek Hotel, owned by local community champions the Caravan Music Club, as a renewable energy producer for the Mycelia Energy Collective.

In December 2023, The Mill Studio located in Bass Coast also became business partner.

1.the Archies Creek Hotel
The Mill Studio

The Archies Creek Hotel and The Mill are both hosting a solar energy system to generate local renewable energy as part of the Collective.

If you are a business committed to leading the sustainable energy transition and want to be part of our Collective, get in touch to find out more!  

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Join the Mycelia Energy Collective!

If you are a household and wish to sign up to the Mycelia Energy Collective, visit our page on The People’s Grid, type in your address and get a free quote on what your new energy plan will look like. From there, it takes 5 minutes to sign up. Easy!

Knowledge Sharing

Stay up to date with our latest news and see some of the questions we covered at our last Energy Circle.

frequently Asked Questions

To sign up, visit our page on The People’s Grid, type in your address and get a free quote on what your new energy plan will look like. From there, it takes 5 minutes to sign up. Easy!

Sign Up Now!

Yes! Anyone can be part of our Collective. In the pilot phase – 2023 – we are primarily seeking out households without solar, some with solar, and others with solar and batteries. If you are a business and wish to sign-up, please contact us!

Nope – you can swap providers anytime. We are happy to help you, so just reach out.

Possibly! The Circular Energy Backed by People’s Grid is committed to offering competitive rates! Grab a copy of your current energy bill, click the button below, and pop in your address to get an instant quote and compare!

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Your personal information is protected by The Privacy Act 1988 and will not be shared with Mycelia Renewables Ltd without your informed consent. In order to improve the way that the Mycelia Energy Collective generates, uses and shares energy across the collective, Mycelia Renewables Ltd will need to know when and how much power is being used and generated. The People’s Grid will provide this aggregated data to Mycelia Renewables Ltd, but please rest assured your personal information will not be shared.

Our Collective is about empowering communities and ensuring that profits derived from energy markets flow back into communities. Our Collective reinvests profits back into renewable energy initiatives for our members, but also ensure that everyone in the community can buy locally produced renewable energy.

Our Partners

The People’s Grid

The People’s Grid is an energy retailing service driven by the idea that communities can be the drivers of change, creating a more sustainable future by changing the way we think about and use energy.

The People’s Grid utilises smart meter data from every generation source, locationally matches it to the source and timestamps with the energy usage so that a relationship between energy users and energy generators is created.

This encourages more people to adopt solar “powered by us” and build “community” renewables like small solar farms or biogas plants, selling energy directly back to members and growing the pie of renewables.

Circular Energy

Circular Energy partners with businesses and organisations to help them transition to a sustainable energy future powered by community energy.

Circular Energy partner with a mix of small-scale, local generators of renewable energy – from wine makers with solar panels to farmers with wind farms – all generating excess energy.

Matching renewable resources with communities builds resilience through better energy management, creating the flexibility to trade. In essence, they’re establishing a Community Energy marketplace, made up of little renewable energy networks trading for the benefit of communities and the planet – a clean sustainable world for future generations.

Sunscape Solar

Sunscape Solar is located in Grantville and their team of fully qualified and accredited Master Electricians service Bass Coast, Gippsland and Mornington Peninsula regions.

With over ten years’ experience and 3,000 installations throughout Victoria, the award-winning team at Sunscape Solar pride themselves on customer service and helping their customers navigate the often confusing and overwhelming process of deciding which system is right for them.


Specialists in designing and constructing sustainable prefab modular homes, Ecoliv have been leaders in energy-efficient home design for over 13 years.

Operating from their new location in The Gurdies, Ecoliv believe that modern luxury means living in comfort without compromising the natural environment. Their sustainably designed and built modular homes are crafted with precision from responsibly sourced and time-tested natural materials, delivering beauty and utility with bold yet understated aesthetics.

With responsibility to people and planet at their core, their commitment to social and environmental responsibility is clear; Ecoliv is a certified B-Corp, certified Climate Active Network Member, partner to Greenfleet and HIA GreenSmart member.

Funding Bodies

The Mycelia Energy Collective pilot funding bodies include:

The New Energy Jobs Fund, Round 6, through the Victorian Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action.

The Innovate to Regenerate Program run by WWF-Australia.

1.the Archies Creek Hotel