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Learning To Make a Difference – Etienne Wenger-Traynor and Beverly Wenger-Traynor

Learning to make a difference is a book series we started as an update our evolving social learning theory and its practical implications. It has been more than three decades since the concept of community of practice was introduced, and much has happened since then, both theoretically and practically.

In this first volume of our series, we lay a foundation to restate our social learning theory in terms of Learning to make a difference. To this end, we focus on a very specific dimension of the theory: social learning as a form of engagement with others. The notion of mutual engagement, central to social learning, has been part of the theory from the start, but it has been left undertheorized: the processes by which it becomes social learning have not be specified with enough rigor. This book addresses this weakness by developing a more detailed, operationalized view of the nature of mutual engagement in social learning.”

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